Stephanie Sutter

“Secret” is an archival look at the personal issues and addictions one has struggled through. By looking at these life events and how they have created the person that created today. I have been digging deeper into the layers of a human to expose the secrets that as people we try to hide. Through poetry and scans I have created a loose leaf book enclosed by a wooden casing. While looking through you will be able to physically uncover the poems and scans I have chosen to include. The poems will are printed onto a clear vellum paper so that the viewer can physically look through the different poems onto the scans that are enclosed underneath them as they choose. I think this is an important part of the process, touching on the notion that everything that happens in someones life at one point or another comes back around full circle. There is no full story line of how theses poems or scans need to be seen, but more of an exploration of how they create a person as a whole.  

     The process of this project is to share an emotional experience and try to create a connection from the viewer to the maker. By having a choice in the way you see the scans, bare or with words, one can create an experience of there own choosing.