miranda july 


interview by james algie & mimi cabell (issue 7)

Function: Tell us about some of your influences and inspirations.
Miranda: Well let's see, a lot of them are friends of mine: Khaela Maricich, who performs under The Blow. She's just an amazing, all-around artist. Half of the things in my house are made by her: lamps, and art, and different stuff, but she's also a performer and a musician. Harrell Fletcher, who I do 'Learning to Love You More' with; for a long time before we knew each other he was one of my favorite artists. He's still doing amazing stuff. I'm driving from the house of these 2 girls, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, who make clothes under the name Rodarte. They couldn't be more than 25 years old and they live with their parents. They started this couture clothing line that's in big fancy stores in New York but it is so amazing when you go to their house and a rack of these incredible dresses that cos thousands of dollars is next to their bed, filling up all the extra room in their house. That's pretty inspiring because no one would ever know where it's all coming from.