Kadiejra O'Neal

Born in 1992 and raised in the sunny island of Barbados, Kadiejra O’Neal is a Ryerson fourth-year multidisciplinary artist working in photography, film and performance, whose practice typically focuses on investigating the physical and emotional relationships that shape or confront the human condition, culture and identity.

But I can’t help but feel this incredible longing… A longing for connection… a longing for warmth and a love I’m sure I’ve felt before… This is an emotional and psychological investigation into my origin... This is my attempt at trying to understand what my mother went through as a young island girl being thrust into woos of parenthood... This is me trying to figure out what was going on in her head…her thought process…her worries... This is me trying to piece together the factors in her life that contributed to or influenced my birth and our relationship thereafter... This is a retrospective look at a mother-daughter relationship, in hopes of being able to find a deeper maternal bond in our present dynamic. …if the emotional blockage is from me, then I too must go through my own Gestation Period… Gestation Period is a performance video grounded in themes of personal history, mother daughter relationships, tension and struggle.

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