Duane michals 


photograph & interview by james kachan (issue 8)

Function: So what was it that got you into photography in the first place?
Duane: It's the idea that you could take a picture of somebody and see it son a piece of paper. It's a total miracle; it's like the last refuge of magic. That moment when I went to Russia when I was 26, in 1958 and saw this Russian sailor and I took his picture; it's still there. As you get older, those pictures become more and more important to you, as people begin to die out of your life and vanish, as lovers die and vanish, when you come 80 or 85, after your memory has dimmed, you still have that picture of your old girlfriend by that 1992 Chevy outside of where you went to school. those are the most important pictures ever taken, more important than anything by Cartier-Bresson, or anybody in the Museum of Modern Art. When you get to that level of intimacy, these are the things that really matter.